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Project Description

What is Computer Programming

Computer programming is the process of writing instructions that get executed by computers. The instructions, also known as code, are written in a programming language which the computer can understand and use to perform a task or solve a problem

Similar to Human Interface Languages, Computer Programming Languages are also made of several elements. We will take you through the basics of those elements and make you comfortable to use them in various programming languages.

These basic elements include

  • Programming Environment
  • Basic Syntax
  • Data Types
  • Variables
  • Keywords
  • Basic Operators
  • Decision Making
  • Loops
  • Numbers
  • Characters
  • Arrays
  • Strings
  • Functions
  • File I/O

We will explain all these elements in subsequent chapters with examples using different programming languages. First, we will try to understand the meaning of all these terms in general and then, we will see how these terms can be used in different programming languages.

This tutorial has been designed to give you an idea about the following most popular programming languages −

  • C Programming
  • Java Programming
  • Python Programming

A major part of the tutorial has been explained by taking C as programming language and then we have shown how similar concepts work in Java and Python. So after completion of this tutorial, you will be quite familiar with these popular programming languages.

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Our Course details of computer programming:

. Analyses software requirements

. Apply introductory object-oriented language skills

. Apply introductory programming skills in another language

. Apply  query language

. Apply skills in object-oriented designs

. Automate processes

. Build user interface

. Contribute to copyright, ethics and privacy in an ICT environment

. Develop data-driven application

. Test application

. Apply intermediate object-oriented language skills

. Build a graphical user interface

. Create technical documentation

. Develop mobile application

. Model data processes

. participate effectively in WHS communication and consultation processes

. Procedure server-side script for dynamic web pages

. Select cloud storage strategies

  • Step 1: Pick the column of the product that you are interested in learning more about.
  • Step 2: Pick your level of expertise with the product – Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced or Architect.
  • Step 3: Select the box with a description that matches what you are looking to learn about.

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